Costa Rica Travel Tips


Some Travel Tips

  • If you know some Spanish, use it.

  • Costa Rica has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, but not all are safe for swimming. It is strongly recommended not to pass the spot where the wave breaks if you are not able to touch the ground with your feet. If you feel you are drifting into the sea with a current it is highly advised to stay calm and not to panic. Let the current take you to calm water and then swim calmly to shore. DON?T fight the current!!! people had drowned down here because they got exhausted swimming against the current- Fast current leads to Calm Water. read more on rip tides

  • Bring a photocopy of your passport. Carry the copy with you leaving the original in a safe place.

  • San Jose is the crime capital. Try not to look too rich? don?t show of your flashy jewelry and take only the money you will need for the day. Keep track of your purse, wallet and backpack.
  • In general, cars do not yield to other cars or pedestrians.

  • Costa Rica is not your hometown; respect the locals? privacy and customs.

  • Smile and be Happy, you are in PURA VIDA (pure life) land.

  • Taxes & Tipping
    By law, all hotels are required to include 13% sales tax and 3.4% tourism tax on all room charges. In restaurants, a 10% gratuity is added to the check. As in most countries, it is the custom to leave an extra tip for good service. Tour guides, hotel bellboys and maids generally receive a tip for their services. There is an airport departure tax of approximately $26.00 per person.

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