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Another thing North Americans like about Costa Rica is the ease with which they can enter the country. A Canadian or U.S. tourist traveling with a valid passport has only to present it at the airport for a 90-day visit, which can easily be extended a couple of months without much of a hassle.

You must have a valid passport in order to enter Costa Rica. You must make sure that your passport will not expire within 6 months from the day you are planning to enter Costa Rica. Please contact your closest Costa Rican Embassy for Visa information.

Extending your stay is a relatively simply matter; a $50 exit permit does the trick. However, if you are a single parent traveling with children, or if you are traveling with your grandchildren, there is an important consideration about extending visas. When a child stays over the 90-day limit he or she falls under the jurisdiction of the Patronato Nacional de la Infancia, a children's welfare organization. In order for a child to leave the country without both parents, you must have a permit notarized by a Costa Rican consulate in your home country. If you don't have this permit beforehand you can straighten things out at the Patronato offices on 19th Street and 6th Avenue in San Jose.

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