Playa Junquillal

The coast seems to be rather unpopulated by foreigners and Ticos alike. This is partially due to the seasonal condition of the dirt roads along the coast. Since most residents believe that a paved road will not be far in the future, this area might have potential for development. A series of long beaches front the Pacific along this coast, some with tiny villages, others almost unpopulated. Among the beaches are Playa Avellana, Playa Junquillal, and Playa Lagarto. These beaches are graced by large waves rolling in from the open Pacific and are very picturesque. Since Im not an expert swimmer and know little about ocean currents, undertow, and riptides, I cant vouch for the safety of these aches. You will need to consult local authorities on the subject. This is a sensible practice anywhere in the country.
Junquillal is a growing village that sits on one of the longest Beaches on the Peninsula. The region is known for exceptional surfing waves in the Playa Negra and Junquillal areas. Endangered leatherback and green turtles come ashore to lay their eggs in the sand. Most businesses in the area are owned by Americans, Canadians, Italians, and Germans who are trying to develop more Tourism the Area. Meanwhile, residents un hoping that Junquillal doesnt develop to the same extent as the morn popular beach towns. One Canadian expatriate said, We like progress but wed prefer to keep the area as a serene place to come for relaxation and the natural beauty of the area.
One small hotel is owned by several gringo couples who take turns managing the establishment as their excuse for a working vacation, presumably tax-deductible. One partner said, Its a very small operation. We consider a month successful when we dont have to dig into our pockets to make the payroll. A few kilometers from the village center, an elaborate residential development is being purchased exclusively by Canadians and Americans. Construction quality is tops, with all amenities. Since Junquillal has such a small population, major shopping and other services are about forty-fiveminutes away.

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