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Important notice: The Ferry from Puntarenas to Paquera is back on working

Updated on 11of April2010 see schedule and rates below-

Several Costa Rican communities are accessible by car only after a ferry crossing. The longest ferry voyage is across the Gulf of Nicoya from Puntarenas to the southern part of the Nicoya Peninsula. This trip offers a choice of two ferries. Each passage takes about an hour, and you have to allow an hour for waiting in line. If you aren't there at least an hour early, you could find yourself waiting for the next ferry, it always surprises me how many vehicles can fit on one of those small boats. Cargo and cattle trucks, buses, and passenger cars string out in a long line from the ferry terminal in a seemingly impossible mission, yet most seem to fit aboard. Buses have priority, so the last to arrive in line could be a bus, but it will load first.
A tip: Truckers can gauge the line pretty accurately and can tell you whether you'll make it aboard, should you arrive late. Just ask, 'Habra espacio para mi carro?' ('Will there be room for my car?')
Once aboard you can mingle with the other passengers and practice Spanish with the Ticos or compare travel agendas with the other tourists. I've met some very interesting people this way; something about a slow crossing brings out gregariousness in folks.

You have your choice of two boats to reach the southern portion of the Nicoya Peninsula, to places like Tambor (24k from Farry), Tango Mar, Montezuma (48k from Ferry), and Malpais(58k from Ferry). All leave from Puntarenas; follow the signs. (Note that ferry schedules are apt to change from time to time. Check before you go.).

Puntarenas - Paquera. this boat lands farther down the peninsula from Playa Naranjo near the large village of Paquera and thus cuts driving time off the trip to Tambor or to the trip of the peninsula.

It leaves Puntarenas daily at
Returns from Paquera to Puntarenas:
For more information call 2661 2084
Valid until April 15th, 2010


Puntarenas - Playa Naranjo. This boat leaves Puntarenas at
and returns from Playa Naranjo at
The ferry has room for about thirty vehicles, depending on size. Beer, soft drinks, and snacks are sold.

For more information call 2661 1069.

Prices ( 1$ = 568 Colons) from puntarenas to Paquera.

Adult :860 Colons.

cars: 6050 Colons (includes 1 adult).

ATV 3600 Colons. (includes 1 adult).

There is another ferry operated by Paquera's Community. It's a bigger ferry, it works between the schedule hours of the other ferry.

A passengers-only ferry departs daily from behind the Puntarenas market from Puntarenas - Paquera. 7:30AM, 2:00PM and return Paquera - Puntarenas 11:30AM,4:00PM

Rio Tempisque Ferry . This ferry crosses to the upper (midpeninsula) region of the Nicoya Peninsula, to the city of Nicoya and the beaches of Nosara and Samara. It runs from 5:00 A.m. to 6:00 or 7:00 P.m. If you're headed for Playa Flamingo or points to the north, don't bother with the ferry" the quickest way is to continue crossing the Tempisque Bridge. On each side of the river, several Tico restaurants make the wait somewhat pleasant.

Rio Coto Ferry. This is my favorite ferry of anywhere I've driven. You use it when you're headed for Zancudo or Pavones via the shorter route (not always the quickest). The turn off to the ferry is about halfway between Rio Claro and Golfito. The Rio Coto crossing isn't very wide at this point, and a steel cable strings across the water to keep the ferry on track. When you arrive at the crossing, if nobody is tending to the ferry, you honk your horn. Soon a teenager or two will come running and start up the old Datsun engine that propels the boat across the water. The capacity is about three cars. The last time we crossed the Rio Coto, the engine was broken. How to get across? The solution was simple: Another teenager jumped into a canoe that sat alongside the ferry. He started up an outboard motor, hooked his arm through a projection of angle iron, and revved up the motor. It took some time for the boat to start moving, but once under way the trip went surprisingly fast.

Golfito-Zancudo. If you don't need to take a car with you, a quicker way to get to Playa Zancudo, is via one of the many small "water taxis" that take tourists to and from a wide variety of places around the Dulce Golfo area. There's also a passenger ferry that sails between Golfito and Puerto Jimenez, on the Osa Peninsula.

for more information call 26410515

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