Facts on Costa Rica

The Republic of Costa Rica is located on the isthmus connecting North and South America, between Panama and Nicaragua.?

Contrary to its Central American neighbors, Costa Rica enjoys a long legacy of peace and economic stability and has successfully maintained its democracy since the abolition of the army in 1948.? It is a nation of exquisite tranquility and culture.? Costa Ricans and foreigners are free to travel throughout the country and the most valuable commodity here is peace!

The Ticos, as they are affectionately referred to, are respectable and hospitable people.? Spanish is the official language; however, 70% of the population also speaks English as well as a growing French, German and Italian speaking population.????????

Costa Rica is divided into seven counties and six regions containing a vast diversity of climate and geography.? Such diversity characterizes Costa Rica as an oasis in developing Latin America. Twenty five percent of Costa Rica's landmass is government-protected reserves and national parks.? Costa Rica contains 6% of the bio-diversity on the planet, but only represents 1% of the planets surface area.? The ecosystem is comprised of several distinct climates, including; tropical rain forest, arid regions, cloud covered forests, jungles, mountain ranges, active and inactive volcanoes and beaches of great beauty on both coasts.

With Nicaragua to the North and Panama to the South, Costa Rica is considered a biological bridge in the isthmus.? There are 10,000 varieties of plants, 1,200 of which are orchids, 1,240 species of butterflies and 845 species of birds.? There are 205 classes of mammals, 160 categories of amphibians, 218 types of reptiles and 1013 varieties of fish.? Commonly seen are three species of monkeys, sloughs, crocodiles, turtles, and jaguars to name a few!?

The economy is traditionally based in agriculture, specifically bananas and coffee; however, over the last few years, tourism has become a driving economic source.? This has prompted increased efforts by the government and people to reserve natural resources and develop the necessary infrastructure deserving of the vast increase in tourism.? Costa Rica is currently number one in ecological tourism in the world.

The number of tourists visiting Costa Rica has been growing at 30% annually.? Costa Rica is the considered the best country for adventure tourism. Activities for tourists are endless, from surfing, parasailing and rafting to renting off-road vehicles, mountain biking and zip lining.? Costa Rica is an ideal destination for those looking to escape the face pace lifestyle due to its combination of peaceful, loving people and its variety of spectacular natural beauty.

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