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. Gringo Mike originally came to Costa Rica on vacation with his brother, who really loved it here and was excited to show off his discovery. Mike immediately fell in love with the beautiful countryside and the friendliness of the Costa Rican people. He said, 1 decided on that trip that wanted to come back to this country to live, and began making my plans to return as soon as I arrived home.
When asked how he decided to go into business, he said, On the trip we visited the town of Jaco, and I was really impressed, not only with the laid-back atmosphere of the town but also with the business opportunities I saw in the area. As I was looking for a change of location and occupation in my own life, I felt I could make a positive contribution to the area by going into business here.
Mike found a small group of cabinas for lease and began fixing them up. He installed kitchen facilities in each place and provided free bicycles and Internet connections for guests. Because the cabinas are several blocks from the ocean, the lease was reasonable, allowing Mike to offer exceptionally inexpensive rents.
When I asked my usual question about the best part of being in business in Costa Rica, he replied, Due to my own experiences here and my love of this country, the best part about my particular business is being able to help other travelers and visitors learn about and experience this country for themselves. I have met hundreds of great people through my business, and I really enjoy knowing that I have been able to assist them and advise them on all the wonderful sights and highlights of this area.
As for the downside of operating a business, he said, Although Costa Rica is a great country, there is unfortunately quite a bit of bureaucracy and procedures that a person has to go through in order to have a business here. It requires a lot of persistence and patience to not become frustrated with the way business is conducted.
The advice I would give to someone wanting to go into business here is to take things slowly. Be aware that you will need a lot of patience to learn the systems in Costa Rica, but dont be easily discouraged by them. Also try to establish friendships with other local business owners that can help you learn the procedures you need to go through and can give you advice and encouragement on having a business here.

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