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Nosara is one of our favorite beaches in Costa Rica. White Sand beach that stretches to the horizon, out of this world sunsets that feels one’s heart with awe and fairly good surf conditions make Nosara a highly recommended destination for your next vacation in Costa Rica. Years ago, Nosara was just a small village consisting of three main Costa Rican families and a few loco foreigners that felt in love with Nosara, at that time Nosara was secluded, private and off the beaten track.

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Nowadays, many tourism businesses opened their doors for the coming travelers. Nosara has a variety of reasonable hotels, a few good restaurants, surf shops and real estate offices.
They say that Nosara has this special energy and aura around it, and we in the team can only testify that this place is magical. Give Nosara a few days of your vacation or even stay for the week, during the high season, you will get to meet many friendly people, some that live in Nosara for years and some that are just passing through, hopefully you will get some good surf and maybe even a good party at the local Tropicana disco.


Nosara Hotels

  Monteverde Reserve:
  Monteverde Reserve Nosara Hotels are relatively small, private and close to the Nosara Beach. Most are located just a few steps from the beach. The majority of hotels in Nosara offer a restaurant, swimming pool, rooms with ceiling fans, or rooms with Air-condition. In Nosara you can be sure to get warm hospitality. Rates for Hotels in Nosara can get high during the Costa Rican high season (December through April) as there are not many hotels in the area and demand is very high.
  Usually it is very hard to get a room for the high season so very early reservations are recommended. Among the few Nosara Hotels we offer on our website you will find Hotel Cafe De Paris, offering good location (close to the beach) and good restaurant. Hotel Cafe De Paris ia famous for its pastry bakery with delicious deserts and good Cappuccinos and Lattes. Hotel The Gilded Iguana is a land mark in the Nosara scene, with an excellent restaurant offering very good food for fairly inexpensive rates, nice and clean rooms, swimming pool and it is only 300 yards from the beach. Another recommended hotel is Giardino Tropicale, it is a quiet and eco-friendly hotel with beautiful gardens representing much of the flora and fauna of Costa Rica. You can expect to enjoy their pool and Jacuzzi and all rooms are fairly new.
read more about hotels in Nosara in our Nosara Hotels Webpage, compare rates, review photos and submit your reservation. We will make sure you enjoy our reliable service and best rates available for Nosara Hotels.

Nosara Tours and Activities

Main activity in Nosara is beach combing, surfing and taking surf lessons, side activities are sport fishing, sea kayaking, guided tours to see turtles nesting at Ostional beach, horseback riding tours. During weekend nights go to Tropicano disco to party. Also available in the area are ATV tours and rentals. Nosara is also famous for the Nosara Yoga Institute that runs Yoga teacher trainings year around, accompanied by daily Yoga Classes. You can get more information about the Nosara Yoga Institute by clicking on the following link: Nosara Yoga

  A walk through the cloud forest of Monteverde can be an eerie experience. As the high clouds creep through the twisted trees and hanging vines around you, strange sounds fill the air. Strong winds and the added weight of water-laden epiphytes often cause branches to fall to the ground.
This reduces the height of the cloud forest canopy and adds to the forest's gnarled appearance.
Monteverde Hanging Bridges.

How to get to Nosara Costa Rica

Getting to Nosara by Car

If you are driving from San Jose to Nosara, you will take the main Interamerican Highway (Carretera Interamericana) north out of San Jose (past the large international Juan Santamaria airport). This highway travels north and west toward Guanacaste Province. Make sure you have a couple hundred dollars changed into colones in San Jose. You will need colones for your road-trip money - such as gas stations, sodas and restaurants. Once you get to Nosara (or other tourist/beach areas) dollars are accepted most everywhere.

  On the main Inter-American highway, you will wind through the mountains, rising out of the Central Valley, then down the other side of the mountains, for several hours. Eventually the highway will flatten out and straighten into a more northerly course. You will be on this flat stretch of highway for a couple of hours.

You will keep driving straight until shortly after you notice highway signs for Puntarenas, then you need to keep a look out for the signs pointing to the Puente de Amistad (the new bridge over the Tempisque River). This will be a left turn, but the signs are on the right side out on the main Interamerican Highway.

After you cross the new bridge at the river Tempisque, you will be on the Nicoya Peninsula. Keep following the paved highway to the City of Nicoya (large town). When you are almost to Nicoya, you will come to an intersection with a 4-way red flashing light - there will be signs there that indicate a left turn into the town of Nicoya.

Drive straight through the town of Nicoya on the "main road", no turns. Drive slowly, as there are a lot of pedestrians in this bustling town. You will eventually be out of town on the other side. You will continue southward on pavement approximately 30km, some twists and turns, but just stay on the obviously main paved highway.

Eventually you will see a large Gas Station on your left. There is also a hardware store and little "soda" cafe for snacks and drinks. Stop here and get gas - last chance on the way to Nosara.

Right after you leave the gas station, the concrete highway makes a sharp curve to the left. At the apex of that curve, you will notice a small dirt road turning off to the right, downhill. That is the road to Nosara.

This dirt road is about 25KM, but over 1 1/2 hours driving. There are, once again, some turns and twists, but stay on the "main" road. There are also occasional signs that tell you how many kilometers you still have to go.... You will pass through many small towns and villages. There is a T-intersection at a small village called Barco Quebrada, turn right (there should be signs there, and the main road should be obvious).

The people along the way are very friendly, so if you aren't positive that you are still on the main road, just stop and ask someone "Donde es Nosara". Most people will at least be able to point in the right direction. When you get to the beach area of Nosara, it will be very obvious that you have found it. Signs, surf shops, restaurants, hotels...

Continue on through some twists and turns, about another 5 km, and you wil come to Nosara Centro, the business district, where you will find grocery stores, medical care, city services and shopping.

Allow AT LEAST 6 hours for your drive from Juan Santamaria airport in San Jose to Nosara, Costa Rica.

Getting to Nosara By Shuttle

Fantasy Bus have shuttles going to Nosara almost every day from most main tourism towns in Costa Rica, rates varies according to distance (between $30 - $40 per person). You can click on the following link to view rates, schedule and make a reservation for a shuttle bus to Nosara.

Getting to Nosara by Air

Both Nature Air and Sansa service the small air strip by Nosara. Flights are scheduled daily and by clicking on the following link you can review the schedule and rates for this flights.

Getting to Nosara By Public Bus

If you are coming to San Jose take the early morning bus to Nicoya, it is recommended to get to Nicoya before 3:00Pm as this is the time that the last bus leaves Nicoya to Nosara, otherwise you will have to stay the night in Nicoya or take a taxi to Nosara. Usually buses leave Nicoya to Nosara every two hours.

Money Issues in Nosara:

Many businesses still do not accept credit cards in Nosara therefore it is highly recommended to bring enough cash for the duration of your stay in Nosara, the last place you will be able to get cash is Nicoya (1 hour and a half drive from Nosara). So make sure you have enough cash…

We hope you will have great times in Nosara, and that you will enjoy it just as we did. Have fun on the beach, smile to the locals and they will smile back. Keep nature untouched and take back home beautiful photos and memories.


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