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THE TOURIST POLICE IS A UNIT OF THE MINISTRY OF PUBLIC SECURITY created in December 2006 whose mission is to prevent crime in its various forms that affect tourism in Costa Rica, developing effective police action to ensure peace, security and the exercise of rights of both residents and visitors to the tourist areas. The Tourist Police officers are trained in the same way that the officers of the FUERZA PUBLICA only with emphasis on Tourist Attention. These officers have basic knowledge of English. Tourist Police Station of Garabito is located in Herradura next to the gas station. For more information please contact 2637-7545.
IMPORTANT COMMUNITY CONTACT INFORMATION TO REMEMBER: In Jaco, you can find offices for the municipal police, Fuerza Publica and OIJ. The OIJ is a subsidiary of the consultative body of the Courts of Justice and is responsible for the investigation, detection and verification of the offenses of alleged perpetrators. In Jaco, the local OIJ office is headed by Sergio Vives Chaverri and their office is located diagonally from the Municipality of Garabito; contact number 2643-1731. The Municipal Police Force has been established to focus on local issues relating crime in the canton of Garabito. The Municipal Police is operating 24 / 7 and is headed by Juan Gabriel Hidalgo. Their office is located next to INS on Amapola Avenue. Jenny Salazar is the secretary and handles their email policiadpmg@gmail.com and their telephone 2643-1213. The Fuerza Publica is the institution responsible for protection and maintenance of public order. Their office is headed by Cap. Jose Luis Sandoval Vega and Lt. Franklin Cardenas Quesada on Bohio Street, in front of the beach, next to Balcon Del Mar. Their telephone numbers are 2643-1881, 2643-3011 and their email is pirrix@hotmail.com, fccardenasq@gmail.com. Out in Herradura, the Tourist Police is headed by Agent Nelson Ram?rez Campos. The tourist police have been established to prevent crimes that affect tourism and ensure the needs of the tourist population are met. Their offices are located next to the Gas Station Herradura and their telephone is 2637-7545.

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