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Care for infirm elderly patients is excellent in Costa Rica, with the cost paid for by the government. However, I believe that this is something available only to long-term residents who become infirm after becoming pensionados or rentistas. In order to receive residency permission, one needs to pass a health examination, and I cannot imagine a doctor giving an Alzheimer’s patient a clean bill of health. However, if you contract Alzheimer’s or some other condition that requires long-term care after you have been living in Costa Rica as a resident, that’s a different story.
A government facility may not be suitable for a foreigner because of language and communication problems. But there are several private full-care facilities, at least one offering specialized care for Alzheimer’s patients: Golden Valley Hacienda in Alajuela. Also in Alajuela is the Villa Confort Geriatric Hotel which specializes in folks who are not bedridden but who need care in everyday living. The cost is about $2,000 a month for round-the-clock care. A facility in Los Yoses, the Hogar Retiro San Pedro, has been given high praise recently by an American lady for the care there. The third facility is the Hogar para Ancianos Alfredo y Delia Gonzalez in Heredia. This one is in the process of starting something new in Costa Rica: a senior citizen residence- development of individual cottages for folks who do not require full care. Housekeeping services and meals will be provided plus recreational facilities and physical therapy services. In addition to medical care it will have recreational, hobby, arts and travel programs for its people. Residents must be over 65 and able to purchase a cottage. A catalog can be obtained by writing to Apartado 138 in Heredia.

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