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The University of Costa Rica trains medical specialists of all kinds, including highly skilled dentists, periodontists and orthodontic surgeons. Like medical care, dental care in Costa Rica is also affordable. I go to an English-speaking dentist in Alajuela who has a very modem clinic. After he received his degree in Costa Rica, my dentist did post-grad work in the United States. Back home, I pay my regular periodontist $70 to have this work done. In Costa Rica, my dentist charges $32.
When asked about Costa Rican dental prices compared to the United States, the dentist, Dr. Johnny Pinchanski, said, “Depending upon where you live in the United States, dental care can be three to six times as expensive. For example, in Costa Rica the standard price for a porcelain cap is $135. In Los Angeles the same work costs from $600 to $700. A bridge typically costs $375 here, but a similar job in Los Angeles would cost at least $1,800. I’ve had patients who fly here, pay for their hotel, food and airfare, and still save money.”
What about quality? “Dental work in Costa Rica is equal to that done in the U.S.A.,” he replied. “There is absolutely no difference in the competency of the dentists. However, the quality of dental laboratory work is usually better here in Costa Rica. I happen to have my own dental lab, but all of our dental technicians are excellent, equal to those in the United States. Don’t misunderstand, the U.S.A. also has excellent dental labs, but because they can get the work done cheaper in the Philippines, dentists are sending the bridgework and dental caps overseas, to low-cost laboratories. The quality just isn’t up to the standards of Costa Rica or American labs. If I were to have caps or bridgework done in the U.S.A., I’d certainly insist that my dentist use an American dental laboratory.”

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