What to bring to Costa Rica

Coming to Costa Rica? Depending on the nature of your vacation in Costa Rica you should prepare your travel gear and travel accessories lists.
Herein is a general list that we recommend all travelers should have before coming to Costa Rica

  • Passport – do not forget your passport at home. We have had many cases in which passport were forgotten at home. The airline company will not allow you to go on your flight without a valid up to date passport. Make sure your kids have passports. American Green Cards or Social Security Cards are not accepted as a legal identification document in Costa Rica.

  • International driving license or at least your countries driving license. International driving licenses are accepted in Costa Rica only with a valid passport.

  • Waterproof bag or a dry compartment in your backpack or suitcase for passport, money and other important documents. Click on the following link to get more information about the waterproof pouches, backpacks and other accessories we offer in our online travel gear shop.

  • Footwear. Whether you are going to bake in the sun the whole day, visit the rain forest, visit the volcanoes or go on rafting trips, bring a few footwear options. Comfortable Teva type sandals or hiking shoes for nature walks, flip-flops for the beach and elegant shoes if you are planning to go out at night to a restaurant, bar or a disco. You can click on the following link to see the sandals and flip-flops we offer on our online travel gear shop.

  • If you are planning to travel by bus and public transportation, keep in mind that less equipment you carry the better.

  • Sunscreen. Bring your favorite Sunscreen – Costa Rica’s Sun is very strong and it only takes 15 minutes in the sun to get burned.

  • Bring a first aid kit for any light health emergencies that might occur on the way. For serious health emergencies contact local pharmacies and hospital for immediate care. Make sure you purchase a Travel Insurance package before you leave your country, just to be on the sage side. You can click on the following link to receive more information about the available Travel Insurance packages we offer via our providers Travel Guard.

  • Binoculars for bird watching and animal watching. Highly recommended for everyone, Costa Rica has an amazing biodiversity and by bringing a pair of good binoculars you are making sure you will not miss anything. You can click on the following link to read more about the binoculars that we offer on our online travel gear shop.

  • Rain Ponchos. It rains in Costa Rica, what makes this country so green. Make sure you purchase a good Rain Poncho, light and comfortable for your vacation. You can click on the following link to view the rain ponchos we offer and even buy them online.

  • Clothing. Swimming Suite, Light Summer Closing. Most of Costa Rica’s territory is hot and humid, except in the mountain area. You will need to have light and comfortable clothes. If you are planning to hike in the jungle long sleeved bright colored shirt and pants are recommended, this will protect you from the bugs and mosquitoes. For the beach we recommend on swimming suit or short pants. Click on the following link to see our offerings in the clothing department of our specialized online travel gear shop.

  • Surf Board and Surf Equipment. It is highly recommended getting your boards and all surfing accessories a head of time. You do not want to come to Costa Rica for a vacation and start spending time looking for Surf Boards, Surf Clothing and accessories. We have created a special Surf Gear section on our online shop, there you can see the available boards we offer, clothing and surf accessories.

  • Cash / Credit Cards / Traveler’s Checks. According to your expense levels, bring always more than less….For any emergency you will be able to get money around Costa Rica via the local banks, ATM machines and Western Union. Divide your cash into hard cash and travelers checks, bring at least one major credit card with you, Visa or Master Card, both are accepted in many hotels, car rental companies and small businesses around Costa Rica. For more information on Costa Rica’s banks click on the following link.

  • Waterproof watch. As it rains a lot make sure your watch is waterproof. Click on the following link to see the available heavy duty special travel watches we offer on our online shop.

  • Good Camera – You do not want to miss those special moments with your family and loved once going down high Zip-lines on your Canopy Tour, Rafting down Costa Rica Rivers, or just catching a perfect wave. You can click on the following link to see the available cameras we offer on our online travel store.

  • Sunglasses. Although it rains a lot, Costa Rica has lots of sun, and eye protection is highly recommended. Click on the following link to see our sunglasses inventory, choose from our best brand list.

  • Books about Costa Rica. It is always recommended to have a travel book handy. To learn about Costa Rica’s fauna and flora, travel information, restaurants, hotels and other useful information we recommend on the following travel books
    · Good Humor! – don’t forget to bring a big chunk of patience and good humor. Traveling in Costa Rica is not always easy and smooth, we know that, and we been through it, with a little bit of patience and endurance we are sure your trip in Costa Rica will be a successful one. We are here to help you out, with any question or problem, contact us and we will do our best to give you support if needed.

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