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Costa Rica is not as inexpensive for travelers as are Mexico and other Central American countries. Although public transportation is cheap, restaurant and hotel prices are relatively high, but variable. if you are determined to spend as little money as possible, it is good to bring a tent and visit during the dry season, or visit during the rainy season and take advantage of the off-season rates. You can also find clean and decent rooms with shared baths for under $12 almost anywhere. Meals cost between $2 and $6 depending on the "atmosphere". Groceries cost about 2/3 as much as they do in the United States . -Two people can travel for about $30/day each, including bus transport, comfortable lodging (double occupancy) and restaurant meals. If you go to the cheapest places, you can get by for $20 each. Camping out is cheaper still, except for the inconvenience of hauling around equipment and making sure your tent is guarded at all times.

Tipping: A 10% service tax is included in your restaurant bill, so it is not customary to tip unless you really feel like it. It is not customary to tip taxi drivers either. In fact, a nice thing about Costa Rica is that people are not standing around with their hands out all the time-panly because tourism is farley new, partly because of a tradition of equality and pride. We hope that these qualities survive the influx of massive tourism here. You would be surprised to know how little the staff at most hotels, including luxury hotels, earns (usually less than $200/mo.) so a little gratuity here and there is certainly helpful, especially if you have appreciated the service received.

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