Costa Rica Smoothies

Naturales, or natural fruit drinks may come mixed with milk, in which case they will be listed as en leche, or with water (en agua). Popular fruits for the naturales include mora (a berry), pinia (pineapple), papaya, papaya, and cas.

Let your surroundings guide you as to which is safest, or stick to bottled drinks. In the campo (country) I sometimes order agua dulce, a hot drink made of boiling water and brown sugar. You can also have it mixed with milk (con leche).

It's especially good in the mountains when there is a chill in the air. Cane-based guaro is the national liquor.

For sweets, try a dessert (postre, pronounced POS-tray) of flan, a sweet custard, or tres leches, a moist cake. Cajeta is similar to fudge.

one of the best nature drinks you can find any were on the cost line is agua de pipa which is the green coconut water, it is sweet and very healthy, especially for you kidneys

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