List of Private Elementary and High Schools

A full list of private schools is far too long for this book, and I have no way of evaluating them. Below are a few of the more popular and prestigious schools that have come to my attention. As in any educational situation, you'll need to ask other parents for recommendations and personally interview school personnel before making any decisions.

Country Day School is a prestigious institution in Escazu, with classes from pre kinder-garden through the twelfth grade. It is Costa Rican accredited and has 650 students, with classes all in English. There is also a Country Day School in Flamingo. Tuition is moderately expensive. Phone (560) 289-8406; fax (560) 228-2076, E- mail; Web site

Costa Rica Academy is another popular school and charges similar tuition. It is accredited by Costa Rica and in the United States by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. It's located in Ciudad Carari, west of San Jose, on the way to the airport. Phone (560) 253-1231; fax (560) 225-9762.

Lincoln School in Moravia is the largest, on the northeast side of San Jose, with 1,600 students. Tuition is somewhat less than the abovementioned schools. Phone (560) 247-0800; fax (560) 247-0900-1 E-mail Web site

Escuela Britannica teaches half in English and half in Spanish, kindergarten through eleventh grade. It's located in Santa Catalina on San Jose's west side and has 800 students. Tuition is very affordable.

American International School is located in Cariari. This is a coeducational day school and college-preparatory school, with classes prekindergarten through twelfth grade.

Marian Baker School, in San Ramon de Tres Rios, offers a United States and Costa Rican based curriculum to prepare students for colleges and universities in the United States and Costa Rica, phone (560) 273-3426-1 fax (560) 273- 4609; E-mail mbschool@sol.racsa.; Web site

Writen by John Howels

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