Children Learning Spanish

Whether your children go to public or private schools, you will be astounded at how quickly they become fluent in Spanish (while you struggle and can't seem to get anywhere). It's nothing short of miraculous how kids can absorb a language simply by sitting in a classroom and listening to strange words and mixing with children using these same words. With most adults, it's too late to simply "pick up" the language; you're going to have to work at it.

My favorite example of this instant-learning process comes from Hilary Aeschliman, originally from Kansas City Her daughter Stephanie had been placed in a very rustic village school on Costa Rica's Guanacaste coast. She started class not knowing a word of Spanish.

After a few weeks, they wanted to purchase Stephanie another school uniform. Hilary says, "We went to this little village store, but despite my Spanish lessons, I couldn't understand a thing the owner was saying. We were just talking in circles-my husband and I in English-the lady who was running the shop spoke only Spanish. We exchanged plenty of smiles and lo siento's, but neither had a clue to what the other was saying. After about fifteen minutes we gave up.

"As we were leaving, I said, 'Well that wasn't very productive. I have no idea what she was trying to tell us.'

"At that point, Stef piped up and explained, 'She said that the lady who makes the uniforms is in Nicoya today and for us to come back next week. She'll be here Monday and Tuesday'

"I could have strangled her!"

Writen by John Howels

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