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From San Jose International Airport Airport Transfer & Car Rental: If you would like to give us a call in advance (a least two weeks prior to your arrival) we can arrange your airport transfer or car rental. Driving directions to Esterillos Oeste From San Jose Airport Take the main highway towards San Ramon. This is traveling in the opposite direction of downtown San Jose. If you are coming out of the airport parking lot, take the very first right on-ramp that brings you around into the direction towards San Ramon. If the car rental location is not on the premises of the airport, get directions to the main highway towards San Ramon. Stay to the left towards San Ramon, not the right which goes into Alajuela. Follow this highway for about 10 miles until you see a large blue sign for Atenas and Alajuela. Take that right off ramp. At the top of the off ramp (very small off ramp) take a left towards Atenas, which takes you over the highway you were just on. You will also see signs here that say Manuel Antonio Park and Punta Leona. You are going to be on this mountainous road for about an hour. Take your time and enjoy the scenery. The bridges are one lane bridges and except for the first one, all others you have to yield (CEDA) for on coming cars. When you have come through the mountain, you will end up in a little town called San Mateo (very small town sign in blue). The road will curve to your right. Also before this right you will see a sign representing the beach (Palm tree and sunlight) with an arrow pointing to the right and also an orange sign indicating Puntarenas to the right. After you make the right curve you will take the very next left which is about 50 yards ahead. There are large signs overhead indicating Orotina/Jaco/Quepos. Once you have turned left you will see a park to your right. Eventually you will see a sign for Orotina to your right, do not take that right. Instead remain on the highway. You will then pass through an area with ?sodas? (small restaurants) on your right and left. This is a good place to use the restroom. You are now about an hour away from Villas Tranquilo. Shortly, you will see signs for Jaco/Puntarenas/Quepos, take this exit to the right. Follow this road until you come to the exit for Jaco/Quepos, take this exit to the right and follow it all the way around, going under the highway you were just on?it looks more like a tunnel than a highway above you. On this wonderfully paved highway you will come to the Tarcoles River. This is a great place to stop and see the crocodiles under the bridge. You can park on either end of the bridge and walk onto the bridge to view the crocodiles below. From here you are now about 40 minutes from Villas Tranquilo. Continue on the main highway. When you have passed the entrance to Villa Caletas on your right, you are now 30 minutes away. Shortly you will pass the entrance to Punta Leona and then in another 5 minutes you will see signs for Jaco. Continue on this main highway heading south which is now 20 minutes to Villas Tranquilo in Esterillos Oeste. The entrance to Esterillos Oeste has a large tropical sign on your right that says ?Bienvenidos a Esterillos Oeste? as well as bus stops on both sides of the road. Take this exit now and follow this road for about 500 yards into the village of Esterillos Oeste. Take the right immediately after the Super Sol Grocery Store on your right. Follow this paved road as it curves through the village. There will be a sharp left and then a sharp right. You will then pass by the Hotel La Sirena on your left. Continue for another 200 yards and then turn right up a gravel road. At this corner is a concrete water drainage box where someone has painted the words, ?No ponga basura aqui? and on another box they have painted, ?Calle el Pescador.? At the top of the hill there is a gravel road that crosses the gravel road that you are on. you will see a gate the enter the cabinas Iguan property.

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