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(Sample to be Signed Upon Arrival)
TENANT????????? _______________________________????????? PHONE ________________________
ADDRESS????? _______________________________????????? ID _____________________________
??????????????????????? _______________________________????????? E-MAIL _________________________
TERM ___________ to __________? Unit ____________________RENT $______________ USD
IT IS HEREBY AGREED that DAYSTAR PROPERTIES MANAGEMENT CR, LLC, hereafter called, DAYSTAR (Agent for LANDLORD), located at Puntaneras, Garabito, Jaco, Costa Rica, does hereby let and lease a condominium unit to TENANT, for a RENTAL TERM as indicated above. Said premises to be used for private residential purposes only and to be occupied by not more than the number of persons indicated above.

  1. Pay to DAYSTAR, as RENT as indicated above for the TERM.
  2. TENANT will provide a SECURITY DEPOSIT of $1,000 USD upon arrival. This deposit shall be refunded promptly by DAYSTAR upon satisfactory inspection of the unit by DAYSTAR after TENANT departure. Alternatively, TENANT may sign the Damage Policy Agreement and accept total responsibility for damage to the leased premises, furnishings and common areas caused by TENANT or TENANT?s guests or visitors.
  3. Only the number of PERSONS indicated above will reside in the premises, TENANT agrees that should more PERSONS occupy the premises, DAYSTAR will charge an additional $50 USD for each person per day.
  4. The premises will not be sublet nor assigned without the written consent of DAYSTAR.
  5. DAYSTAR is a smoke free environment. There shall be NO-SMOKING inside the premises.
  6. NO DOGS, CATS OR OTHER PETS will be kept inside the unit without the written consent of DAYSTAR.
  7. The premises will be examined by the TENANT prior to occupancy and will be received in good condition. TENANT agrees to maintain the premises in the same condition as when received and will not allow any waste, misuse or neglect.
  8. Alterations shall not be made to the premises, nor locks be installed anywhere.
  9. That no laws, statutes or ordinances of a jurisdictional governmental unit will be violated on the premises.
  10. That no motorized vehicles of ANY type will be placed inside the leased premises at any time.
  11. That should any repairs be necessary, DAYSTAR will be notified as soon as possible.
  12. That TENANT and members of TENANT?s party may be required to wear wristband identification or carry an identification card to gain access to the facility.
  13. That a FAMILY FRIENDLY atmosphere is in the best interests of all Tenants and Owners. Behavior which is clearly contradictory to this objective may result in immediate eviction of TENANT without refund.
  14. DAYSTAR reserves the right to refuse entry to persons invited by TENANT without cause or limitation. Invited persons permitted by DAYSTAR are subject to verification of identity and TENANT assumes responsibility for the actions of the invited person, including damage and theft.
  15. That should DAYSTAR incur any expense in enforcing the terms of this Lease, TENANT shall reimburse DAYSTAR 100% for such expenses.
  16. That the venue for litigation of this Lease or portion thereof shall be Puntaneras, Garabito, Costa Rica.


  1. Upon payment of the rents due by TENANT and TENANT?S performance of his obligations under this Lease, TENANT shall have use of the premises designated in this lease during the term of the Lease.
  2. In the event of an occurrence unrelated to actions of TENANT or TENANT?S guests and visitors, which makes the above described premises untenable, DAYSTAR shall declare this lease void and return to TENANT, on a pro rata basis, that portion of monies due TENANT for the unused portion of the lease.


  1. TENANT shall be responsible for any damage to the grounds surrounding the leased premises.
  2. DAYSTAR shall be responsible for providing one set of pillows, blankets and/or comforters, bed linens, bath towels and wash cloths per guest, dishes, glassware, silverware, cooking utensils, refrigerator, kitchen range, dish washer, washer and dryer, microwave, television and telephone.
  3. It is understood and agreed that both parties have read, understood, and agreed to all of the foregoing and that they agree that any infraction of the above provisions by TENANT shall constitute a breach of this agreement and provide grounds for immediate eviction and forfeiture of all moneys paid, including deposit.
  4. Furnishings, appliances, accessories, and any other items provided with DAYSTAR are not to be removed from the premises or loaned at any time.
  5. All long distance phone charges will be paid by TENANT within 30 days of receipt of the billing from DAYSTAR.
  6. DAYSTAR fees do not include travel. They are for lodging only.
  7. Other agreements are as follows:

Any dispute or discrepancies as to the terms and conditions of this agreement, the parties hereby agree to submit and settle such dispute under the jurisdiction and cognizance of an Arbitration panel, in full compliance to Law No. 7727 of the 9th of December 1997 and its bylaw stipulates.

The TENANT agrees to be totally responsible for any and all damages caused by TENANT or their guest(s) and visitors. Further, the TENANT agrees to reimburse DAYSTAR with full payment within 10 days of departure for any and all repair and/or replacement required to bring the property back to the condition it was in at the lease starting date. This amount will be established prior to tenant's departure, unless deemed otherwise by DAYSTAR.

In the event TENANT cancels or departs early, DAYSTAR may pro-rate the RENT for the period actually occupied and refund the balance to TENANT. Refunds are solely at the discretion of DAYSTAR.

TENANT will provide a credit card for payment RENT and SECURITY DEPOSIT and incidental charges at check-in. Payment of rent in full is required at check-in. TENANT will be provided with an itemized list of incidental expenses and applicable taxes at check-out. The provided credit card will be charged for these fees upon the TENANT?S departure.
List of occupants

















DAYSTAR? ______________________________________________

TENANT ________________________________________________ ????????????????????????????? DATE ___________________

Damage and Replacement Item Policy Agreement
(Sample to be Signed Upon Arrival)

(In lieu of the $1,000 security deposit)
IT IS HEREBY AGREED that DAYSTAR PROPERTIES MANAGEMENT CR, LLC, hereafter referred to as DAYSTAR (Agent for LANDLORD), located at Jaco, Garabito, Puntaneras, Costa Rica, does hereby let and lease a condominium unit to Lessee, name ????????????., hereafter referred to as TENANT.
By signing this agreement, TENANT chooses to not provide a security deposit of $1,000 upon arrival for possible damages rendered but to instead adhere to the stipulations of this Damage Policy Agreement.
By signing this Damage Policy Agreement, TENANT understands that DAYSTAR will not hold a $1,000 security deposit on TENANT?s credit card for the period of 30 days as mentioned in the Lease Agreement.?
The TENANT also agrees to be totally responsible for any and all costs of damages and costs of replacement items caused by TENANT and/or his/her visitor(s) and/or guest(s).? Furthermore, the TENANT agrees that DAYSTAR can charge TENANT?s credit card on file for all damages caused by TENANT and/or his/her visitor(s) and/or guest(s) and TENANT will not attempt a chargeback to his/her credit card for charges for the costs of damaged and/or replacement items or that TENANT will pay cash for those damages.?
DAYSTAR will make its best effort to furnish a list of all damages or costs of replacement items for which TENANT is responsible either prior to TENANT's departure or within 10 days after departure, unless deemed otherwise necessary by DAYSTAR for any and all repair and/or replacement required to bring the property back to the condition that it was in at the lease starting date.
Should TENANT find any aspect of the unit in disrepair when Lease Agreement takes affect, TENANT should notify DAYSTAR as soon as possible
Should DAYSTAR incur any expense in enforcing the terms of this Damage Policy Agreement, TENANT shall reimburse DAYSTAR 100% for such expenses.

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