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The following information refers to the different coverages or responsibilities offered by Europcar Costa Rica to its customers, which are listed below:


This coverage is mandatory and applies to Europcar?s vehicle in case of accident, theft or total loss. It is the only coverage with a deductible, which differs depending on the vehicle category:


ECMR $ 12 $ 750
CDMR $ 13 $ 900
CFMR / IFMR / IFAR / SFMR $ 15 $ 1000
FFMR / XFAR $ 20 $ 1500

Not applicable for tires and windshield.

LDW coverage includes:

A. Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

This coverage comprises direct, sudden and accidental losses of the Europcar vehicle, due to overturn or collisions with another movable or unmovable object or any animal, or those caused by running over persons.

This coverage is applicable in the event of any accident (against other vehicles, persons, or else if the vehicle runs off the road, provided negligence is not the reason behind these, such as, for example, speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol, or the violation of any Traffic Law).

B. Total Theft Waiver (THW)

This coverage applies to loss resulting from TOTAL THEFT of the vehicle. It does not cover theft of original parts or components of the automobile.


This cover applies to third parties, including persons, animals, vehicles or objects that are outside Europcar?s vehicle. No deductible is applied.

It includes:

A. The automobile policy that grants coverage for:

1. Injury and death of persons outside the vehicle.
2. Damages to the property of third parties.


1- A sum of 40 million colones ($102,000 US aprox.) for 1 (one) person injured.
2- A sum of 100 million colones ($254,000 us aprox.) for several persons injured.

This coverage operates if and when the accident has been the responsibility of the driver of the vehicle, as sentenced by the court.


a- When the vehicle is driven by a person who does not have the required driver?s license, or persons who have not been authorized to drive the vehicle in the lease contract.

The combination of LDW & LIB is Europcar?s BASIC COVERAGE, which is MANDATORY.


This optional and additional Coverage, which has a cost of $10/day for sedan categories and $15/day for 4x4?s, frees the lessee from all liability for paying damages or deductible amount in case of accident, theft, or total loss, except in cases of negligence. This insurance must be requested for each lease contract, and the Company reserves the right to suspend it at any time if it considers it is being misused.

Negligence: Acting in an irresponsible and deliberate manner that causes damages to Europcar?s vehicle, such as violating any Traffic Law, speeding, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or driving through rivers, sea water, beaches or estuaries. The most common negligence examples are:

1. Improper advances, which cause collisions or vehicle flip over.
2. Running over red lights, which may result in collisions or vehicle flip over.
3. Driving at a higher speed than what is established by Law for the particular road.
4. Leaving keys on car doors or on the ignition while vehicle is unattended, leaving doors open or unlocked during absence.
5. When the vehicle is parked in a ?no parking? zone or in a place where theft or damage of the vehicle is fomented.

This cover is not applicable for tires.


This optional and additional cover, which has a cost of $3 per day for all categories, applies to all passengers in the Europcar vehicle, including the driver. No deductible is applied.

It includes:

A. Public liability policy, which consists of covering all public liability not covered by the contract, which may be generated by the car rental service offered to the insured party within national territory.


Through this coverage, the Institute promises to pay the insured party ?or any of the persons insured thereunder? up to a total amount of $100,000.00 US (One hundred thousand dollars). This policy shall cover the amount that the insured party must pay to EUROPCAR if pronounced publicly liable by means of the judge?s firm sentence, for damages caused.


Public liability does not apply when it is considered that EUROPCAR is not liable for this event.

B. The automobile seat policy:


1. Accidental death (up to a maximum amount of $5000 US/person)
2. Permanent disability (up to a maximum of $5000 US/person)
3. Medical expenses (up to a maximum of $500 US/person)

Scope of the Coverage

This insurance covers both the vehicle?s driver as well as the other occupants, and covers bodily injuries which may be certified by a physician, willingly or unwillingly, due to the unexpected action of any violent, fortuitous, and sudden external agent.

The coverage is effective from the moment the person enters the vehicle and ends when he/she leaves the vehicle.


a - If and when a number of passengers exceeding the maximum capacity established by the manufacturer is traveling in the vehicle.

By the following signatures, both Europcar and the Operator accept full recognition and understanding of all items and specifications described in this document.

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