Puerto Viejo

Salsa Brava
Sea Food
Discount Costa Rica - Salsa Brava
This famous establishment is named after the legendary reef wave. We offer you tasty dishes cooked according to the Mediterranean tradition. Lobsters, Marlin, Bass and Dorado are a just few of what the ocean brings us every day

•We have a Parilla with Beef fillet, Fillet Mignon, Pork ribs and others
•Enjoy our Caribbean feast – in the form of a Rondon, a fish stew with coconut milk
•For the happy crowd we offer cooling sangrias

You will find us on the road to Punta Cocles, near Las Olas surf camp

Enjoy a free glass of wine on every meal! with discount!!!

BRING THIS DISCOUNT - EXPIRES - Telephone: +1.888.365.0904 / +1.720.240.4703 / +1.954.688.3022