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Daily Surf Report - Entier list

Jaco -Playa Hermosa


11 Jan 2006 07:22:29: Playa Hermosa received shoulder to head high sets during the last few days. Waver height went down until Thursday when a SW swell is due to arrive bringing 4 to 6 feet waves with a 12 second period. The SW swell should last one day and Friday sets will go down to shoulders to head high. Weather is sunny and hot with temperatures around the 30 degrees Celsius. .


29 Dec 2005 18:39:59: For the last week waves at Playa Hermosa were very small with 1 to 2 feet waves. Weather is sunny and hot. Most swells at this time of year hit the North Pacific shores and the Caribbean shores. The forecast for the week is continuing 1 to 2 feet waves with occasional 3 feet sets..


21 Dec 2005 17:14:34: Tide was quite high this morning in Hermosa. Wave height was waste to shoulder with a nice swell direction. Weather was 28 degrees and cloudy..


13 Dec 2005 15:48:55: Weather is cloudy on this Tuesday morning in Playa Hermosa. 2 to 3 feet waves with occasional 4 feet sets. Glassy waters and slow wave..


08 Dec 2005 20:16:30: warm sunny morning with small , but glassy surf . Evening glassoff today is expected to be small as well , but some 4-7 foot swell has been forecasted to hit the coast on friday or saturday this week ! .


07 Dec 2005 21:57:06: Beautiful sunny morning , but very small surf . Little choppy but still some good catches possible . Perfect for beginning surfers !.


07 Dec 2005 21:55:47: Wednesday 7.12.05 :

Beautiful sunny morning , but very small surf . Little choppy but still some good catches possible . Perfect for beginning surfers !.


04 Dec 2005 18:48:18: Sunny morning in Hermosa Beach. 2-3 feet waves with occasional 4 feet sets. Some sections very bumpy. Outside temperature was 25 degrees. It was a low tide session this morning, with many weekend surfers coming to Hermosa Beach, The Tree and The Curva. .


03 Dec 2005 14:45:30: Wave height 2 - 3 feet with 8 second period. Bumpy and windy. Weather, 25 to 30 degrees Celsius..


01 Dec 2005 22:01:10: South West swell in PLaya Hermosa, wave size 4 to 5 feet with a 10 seconds period. Choppy with much wind. However there were some surfers out there today. Weather was sunny and about 30 degrees c..


30 Nov 2005 16:19:27: The swell has arrived to Hermosa. Glassy waters but a lot of close outs and very fast waves prevented this day from being a perfect surfing day. Wave height 4 to 6 feet..


28 Nov 2005 17:19:31: Wave was 2-3 feet high. Glassy in the morning. .


27 Nov 2005 20:26:44: Sunny morning in Playa Hermosa with calm waters. Waves 3 to 4 feet with a few head high sets. Expecting a swell to arrive on Wednesday with 6 to 7 feet waves..


26 Nov 2005 15:41:01: Glassy waters on a Sunny Saturday morning in Playa Hermosa. Shoulder to head high sets with occasionally over head sets. Nice wave shape with barrels. .


25 Nov 2005 18:56:23: Sunny morning in Hermosa Beach. Swell was disordered; wave size was 1 to 2 foot overhead and occasionally 4 foot overhead with closeouts. Barrels could be caught from time to time. .


24 Nov 2005 17:49:47: It was a beautiful Sunny morning in Hermosa. Waves were a little smaller than yesterday. We are expecting on the afternoon a few overhead waves with a 12 second period start filling in every half hour and by Friday some 2 foot overhead peaks with in coming tide. .


24 Nov 2005 01:24:15: Afternoon session in Hermosa Beach was just incredible with beautiful barrels and 14 seconds period sets. Some sets almost 5 feet overhead. Check out these great photos.


23 Nov 2005 16:44:25: Wednesday morning was one of our best surfing days in Playa Hermosa for the past two weeks. Beautiful 3 to 4 feet overhead sets, with a 14 seconds period, glassy waters, very fast wave and real high level surfers out there today. .


22 Nov 2005 17:12:07: It was a beautiful sunny Tuesday morning in Hermosa Beach. Great morning session with some 2 feet over head faces. The water was smooth as glass and 10 seconds sets made everyone surfing today very happy after a few days without real surf. .


21 Nov 2005 16:42:18: During the early morning hours 6:30 am to 8:00 am glassy water in Playa Hermosa with a few head high sets, unfortunately most of the sets were closeouts. Water got a bit choppy later on the day with waves coming from all directions. .


11 Nov 2005 17:57:18: The Surf today at Playa Hermosa was shoulders to head high. Choppy Surf on a cloudy morning. Should get smaller later on the day. .



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